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Stainless steel Lunch Boxes: A storage food container,may also be termed a lunch pail,lunch bucket or lunch tin, either as single words or paired.It used to take packed lunches, or a snack, from home to school. The most common modern form is a small case with a clasp and handle, often printed with a colorful image that can either be generic or based on children's television shows or films.

Whether at work, school or elsewhere, everyone looks forward to their lunch break. Having the right containers will help ensure those delicious foods and beverages will stay wholesome and tasty. Our wholesale prices are competitive and guaranteed. Our customers get to grab fabulous deals on our wholesale lunch boxes. 

You'll find dozens of styles and designs for everyone from kindergarten students to workers to retirees. We offer a variety of insulated lunch boxes and bottles in different styles and colors, which are ideal for multiple occasions and purposes. They are perfect for hunting, fishing, camping or hiking. Yihai manufacturing stainless steel vacuum insulated food jar is the best food container for luch,its can keep your food warm in a full day.

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